Monday, January 11, 2016

Mashreq Bank eStatement does not download with Download Accelerator

If you're a Mashreq Bank customer, you must already be enjoying a fabulous basket of online banking services. But if you face issue with downloading e-statement from the Mashreq Internet Banking website and you are using Internet Exporer (tested on IE version 10 and above), it is most likely due to Internet Download Accelerators (eg: Download Accelerator Plus / DAP, Internet Download Manager, etc). Turn off / Disable the download acceleration to download e-statement from Mashreq Internet Banking website.

Download e-statement from Mashreq Internet Banking - Screen Shot
Download Bar - Screen Shot

@Mashreq: Please fix this issue for a better internet banking experience.


Q: I am offered a JSP file to download. What is it?
A: The JSP file stands for Java Server Pages which is the software program that pulls your statement details from the Mashreq Servers and provides you in a human readable format, for example in a PDF document.

Q: How to disable the Download Accelerator Plus?
A: Check the system tray for the DAP icon (Yellow thunder icon). Just right-click and select Disable DAP.

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