Friday, March 20, 2015

Solved: Windows 8.1 Screen Brightness Adjustment Issue

I use to work late nights on my laptop and my kid won't allow me to leave the bedroom. The bright light would be a disturbance for my wife and kid. So, today I decided to resolve the screen brightness issue on my laptop at any cost. 

The automatic brightness adjustment feature was working very good when I got my laptop serviced which includes reload of the Operating System. Recently I noticed that neither the auto brightness work nor I was able to adjust the screen brightness manually.

I discovered that the issue was on a Monitor Driver installed by TeamViewer GmbH. TeamViewer is a remote desktop control software which assumed to be one of the most popular in its category of software. I resolved the issue by rolling back the Monitor driver to default Generic PnP Monitor driver.

Following are the below steps to Roll back the monitor driver:
My OS: Windows 8.1 64bit (Should be the same procedure for other versions of Windows)

  1. Open Windows Device Manager (Open Windows Run Command (Windows Key + R); Type devmgmt.msc and hit ENTER)
  2. Find Monitors in the device list and expand if there are more than one Monitors listed
  3. Right-click on the Standard Monitor item and select Properties
  4. On the Properties panel, navigate to Driver tab and select Roll Back Driver (Alt + R)
  5. When prompted to confirm, hit Yes. That's it!

The screen may flicker for a few times. As soon as the driver is rolled back, the brightness control will be back! Hope night owls and their families will be happy again!

DISCLAIMER: The below procedures are based on my personal experience and comes without any guarantee. You may use it at your own risk.

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