Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Cyberwar - It is happening..

Check this infographic on How US - IRAN secret Cyberwar worked.

After all, Information Technology shouldn't become one danger like Nuclear Technology.

It could, today most systems are computerized and interconnected with networks. Any damage happen will reflect the global economy as the networks expanded with internet.

Today is rebirth of internet protocol with IPV6 launch worldwide. Let's believe and promise we use technology for the good and betterment of humans. At least, definitely not for any destruction.

A Milestone for Internet: World IPv6 Launch Today (6th June 2012)

World IPv6 Launch Solidifies Global Support for New Internet Protocol

Top websites, Internet service providers, and home networking equipment manufacturers commit to largest transition in the Internet’s history.

Committed ISPs are:

  • AT&T
  • Comcast
  • Free Telecom
  • Internode
  • KDDI
  • Time Warner Cable
  • XS4ALL

Committed equipment manufacturers are:

  • Cisco
  • D-Link
Web companies participating in World IPv6 Launch will enable IPv6 on their main websites permanently beginning 6 June 2012. Inaugural participants are:
  • Facebook (
  • Google (
  • Microsoft Bing (
  • Yahoo! (
Content delivery network providers Akamai and Limelight will be enabling their customers to join this list of participating websites by enabling IPv6 throughout their infrastructure.

As IPv4 addresses become increasingly scarce, every segment of the industry must act quickly to accelerate full IPv6 adoption or risk increased costs and limited functionality online for Internet users everywhere. World IPv6 Launch participants are leading the way in this effort.

For more information about World IPv6 Launch, products, and services covered, as well as links to useful information for users and information about how other companies may participate, visit: