Thursday, January 10, 2013

Who could innovate better?

Today, I came across an activity "Search for Social Advocate" inside the organization.

When organizations around the world hunting for social media specialist and writers on job boards and social networks, I am amazed with this idea of searching the advocates inside the organization.

"Social Advocates" - Interesting term!

It is better to that somebody who understand, live and experience the organization, writes about it on the social platforms. It is a Great thought, Isn't it?

I believe it brings in better productivity and usefulness of the content shared.

I am not aware of the internals or plans for the "Social Advocates". But I believe there should be a  team of Social Advocates, who could the organization co-ordinate and form a team (Virtual?). Train them with products, policies and basic writing strategies with marketing touch. I believe, the organization by their values and policies, will never intervene on the creativity of the individuals.

The team could be formed with experts, interested people from every group and product team to share thought and happenings in the markets/industry, technology and strategies.

We could always depend on the professional marketing team for promotions through advertisements and campaign activities. But for content, definitely this is the right way. Millions can't be wrong. Content is the KING, always.

Honestly, I un-follow people and pages that kills my interest with repeats and spams.There would be no chance for such scenario here, I believe.

Organization?? Who else? It is EMC - The Strong and Innovative Storage Giant of All Times.

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