Friday, March 16, 2012

Google to introduce Semantic Search with AI touch

AI is not new at Google but this is a major roll out of search mechanism and result presentation. Many sites may pushed down where Google to display content or in other words answers to user searched queries.

For instance, query "what is the time in Chennai now" will display the actual time followed by list of websites related to the keywords (time, Chennai, etc). But not just this AI but Semantics where it relates every important word to each other to identify relations and present results more meaningfully like a human.

Google revised its search logics with AI (Semantic Search)

Possibly, Google want to increase time-on-site and compete with its next level competitors like Facebook and Twitter which claims more time-on-site.

Prior search results were delivered based on keyword as primary aspect with many other aspects. Now, Semantics will be the primary aspect and others will continue to contribute.

But list of search results vary because of the major change in the primary aspect. Now uncivilized! (non-standardized) HTML codes should be re-coded to adhere semantic structure to get listed on Google Search Result Pages (SERP). HTML5 comes with out-of-the-box solution for Semantic document.

Few of the AI algorithms are rolled out already the above screen shot is an example of the same. However the full roll-out is expected to be a major revision in the search engine and Amit Singhal of Google said it is estimated as a year-long process.

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